You'll have to foul Andre Iguodala harder than that, Gerald Wallace

If an opponent's got an easy look at a dunk or layup and you're closing in on him as a defender, you want to do one of two things: A) Commit a foul that ensures he can't get a shot attempt off, or B) Steer clear and don't make contact, lest you compound the sin of giving up a bunny by putting the other team at the foul line with a chance for a three-point play. Falling somewhere in the middle with a foul that doesn't impede the opponent's progress and gives up an and-one opportunity is the type of thing that makes coaches tear their hair out.

Late in the third quarter of the Charlotte Bobcats' 109-91 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday night, Gerald Wallace(notes) might have put Bobcats coach Larry Brown in the market for some hair plugs. He also put himself on a brand spankin' new Andre Iguodala(notes) poster.

To be clear: I love me some Gerald Wallace, and I'm not trying to hate on him (although he had a tough night, scoring just eight points on 3-for-10 shooting to go with five rebounds, a steal and an assist in more than 36 minutes). And I wouldn't want Wallace to totally waylay Iggy there — the dunker's in such a precarious position on that play that if Crash had hammered Iguodala, run through him or even put up more significant resistance, something ugly could have happened. In the bigger picture, it's better for everybody (especially, obviously, Iguodala and Philly fans) that Wallace didn't throw Andre to the floor.

Still, though, it's the kind of play — sort of in, sort of out; kind of committed, but not all the way — that leads to you being down by 21 points late in the third quarter to a 5-14 team and has characterized the Bobcats' disappointing 7-13 start, a season removed from the franchise's first-ever playoff appearance.

That said: Holy cow, Andre Iguodala.

International readers ("Int'l read'rs"), if the above clip isn't rockin' for you, please feel free to enjoy the posterization courtesy of dicko321, who is obviously well-known for courtesy.

Hit the jump for a sneak peek at the poster, thanks to an amazing shot of the dunk from the Associated Press.