Watch LeBron James and Kevin Durant play flag football, hopefully not get hurt

The best part of the NBA lockout, apart from "how u" jokes and imagining negotiations in which David Stern and Billy Hunter argued over whether to order dinner from Papa John's or Pizza Hut, was how players embraced grassroots basketball leagues and played exhibitions for charity. Without billion-dollar backing and official infrastructure, they appeared to be playing for the love of the game and their fans. It was loose, fresh, and a lot of fun.

With the new CBA set to become official soon, these exhibitions are mostly a thing of the past. But Wednesday night, Kevin Durant and LeBron James will play a flag-football game with friends as a sort of last-minute goodbye to their free period away from NBA contract rules. You can watch a livestream complete with commentary and multiple camera angles at uStream. The broadcast starts at 7 p.m. ET with kickoff an hour later.

LeBron and KD are far and away the biggest stars, with the rest of the rosters being filled out by friends. That doesn't mean they're not notable, though, because this may be your only chance to see if James' consigliere Maverick Carter has any athletic ability to back up his reputation as a mover and shaker. Oh, and LeBron's team also features a guy named Jim Cantaloupe, who I can only assume is some sort of low-ranking member of the mob.

This is not a serious game, but it could be a lot of fun. Or, who knows, maybe LeBron and Durant will both suffer horrible knee injuries and ruin the NBA season just as we started to get excited for it. Yay!

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