Video: Vote this cat for Defensive Player of the Year

Many basketball fans do crazy things in the absence of an NBA season. Some burrow into holes and hibernate for the winter, others learn that there are important things in life outside of sports, and a lucky few get to purchase NHL season tickets as if it were a last resort. Everyone has a special way of coping.

I am borderline-insane, so I like to imagine that animals and robots are real basketball players. Up until now, the lockout has mostly given non-human-basketball connoisseurs immobile robot arms and their less impressive peers. Scouts have reached consensus that they are all late second-round picks at best.

Today, though, we have been blessed with an athlete who can change the way we view the game. To your eyes, this cat may look like a normal feline. In my opinion, though, we are looking at a future Defensive Player of the Year. Few players will show this kind of determination and effort in the face of a larger defender. No matter the move, this cat will move laterally with grace and athleticism to stop it. Its fundamentals are flawless.

Forget "The Glove," because "The Paw" is ready to take over.

(Via Buzzfeed and Taco Trey Kerby)