Video: Tyreke Evans can't remember an ex-teammate

Last season, Spanish point guard Sergio Rodriguez(notes) played 39 games for the Sacramento Kings. He averaged 13.3 minutes, 6.0 points and 3.1 assists per game. Occasionally, he played at the same time as Tyreke Evans(notes).

I list this information not for your benefit, dear reader, but for that of Evans himself, who apparently can't remember his teammates from one year ago. As seen above, when quizzed about Spanish NBA-ers by a foreign reporter, Evans professed ignorance about Rodriguez's identity and proved unable to describe his game. It seems as if Rodriguez was a loner on the Kings, or perhaps never attended practice. Either that, or Tyreke simply never felt the need to learn the names of all his teammates. And who can blame him, really, since Sergio was only in Sacramento for a few months.

However, it remains possible that Evans made great efforts to be the best teammate possible and simply ran into trouble with Rodriguez. For instance, maybe he told Evans that he was Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem or much-loved crooner Julio Iglesias, perhaps Spain's two most famous exports to America. Not all Europeans are lovable locker-room presences like Kyrylo Fesenko(notes) and Mickael Pietrus(notes) -- some are zany tricksters with no need for human connection.

After last season, Rodriguez returned to Spain to play for Real Madrid. Oddly enough, I have it on good authority that he has made no effort to learn the names of American teammates D'or Fischer and Clay Tucker. He refers to them as Itchy and Scratchy, interchangeably.

(Via PBT)

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