Video: A Thunder fan wins $20,000 for the second-straight week

For the most part, halfcourt shot competitions are a pleasant diversion for fans rather than a legitimate opportunity for someone to make money. Most contestants either miss horribly short to incite boos or come close, eliciting some oohs and ahhs from the crowd to pass the time during a timeout.

Every once in a while, though, magic happens and someone makes the shot. They win a prize, dance around, and bring the crowd to its feet. It's exciting in part because it happens so rarely.

So consider the recent events at Oklahoma Thunder games in this context. Last weekend, Robert Yanders hit the halfcourt shot to win $20,000 from MidFirst Bank. And Sunday, as seen in the video above, Todd Lafferty became the second fan in a row to knock one down and win himself some serious scratch.

You have to feel for MidFirst Bank, which probably saw this sponsorship as an easy way to get their money out there without giving up too much cash. Let's hope it doesn't lead to a run of foreclosures in Oklahoma City.

Honestly, is there anything the Thunder can't make exciting? Let's put Kevin Durant(notes) on C-SPAN to see if he can make "Book TV" one of the most popular shows on television.

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