Video: Stan Van Gundy responds to 'The Heatles'

Two nights ago, the world learned about LeBron James(notes) and "The Heatles," the Heat's pet name for themselves. It was adorable, or something, and everyone took to their blogs and Twitters and Facebooks to give their own take on the name's fit for the team in question.

Stan Van Gundy did not find it so entertaining. Above, watch his response, courtesy of Zach McCann of the Orlando Sentinel. Here's the money quote:

"They're pretty impressed with themselves. Maybe some places that's what turns out. I know here it's not. We're selling out no matter who we play, so we don't need to bring them in to get people into our arena."

Van Gundy is mostly right here, but something tells me there's a deeper issue at play here. I can imagine him staying up late at night, trying to think of band nicknames for his own team and never getting past the decidedly subpar The Magically Hip. Clearly, this response is borne of jealousy, not a legitimate gripe.

Stay tuned tomorrow, when Mike D'Antoni will rue that this isn't an anagram game and he can't use The Kincks.

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