Video: Shirtless Shaq singing songs

Remember that time Shaquille O'Neal(notes) was in an Owl City music video for no apparent reason? Sure you do. It happened like two weeks ago. That was weird.

Well, as far as Shaquille O'Neal music videos go, that's white bread compared to the pumpernickel rye of Shaq lip-synching Aaliyah's "At Your Best" while shirtless and pouring water on his head.

That was something.

Typical Shaq, stealing Phoenix point guards' ideas. I wonder if he'll have to give Stephon Marbury(notes) an executive producer credit for co-opting Steph's trademark "shirtless guy acting weird alone in his home" idea.

If, somehow, this isn't enough Shaq lip-synching for you, there's another video of him doing Rick James' "Fire and Desire," complete with a Rick James wig. I guess Cleveland fans can be happy that he looks like he's in shape. Sure you can only see him from the chest up, but he looks ready to go for the playoffs. I mean, he certainly looks at his best.

(h/t Urlesque)