Video: Ron Artest interviews Ron Artest

Ron Artest(notes) is a really good interview subject, no doy. In fact, after his two now-legendary interviews following Game 7 of the 2010 finals, there's hardly an argument to be made for another NBAer to take his spot as best in the game. He's that good.

Basically, the only way to make a Ron Artest interview better is to add more Ron Artest. Unfortunately, cloning technologies aren't safe enough to use yet. Thankfully, video editing software is totally legit, allowing ESPN to do the unthinkable and putting two Ron Artests in the same room. Amazingly, no one was seriously hurt, except your stomach from laughing so hard.

Jeepers, I thought the "Thriller" explanation for No. 37 was convoluted, but it turns out Ron Artest is the "Da Vinci Code" of jersey choices. Based on his favorite movie choice — "Titanic," natch — he'd probably be OK with that comparison. Hey, it's "like a full circle," just like his new "ESPN RULES" haircut is "full crazy."

But seriously you guys, we need to get Ron Artest and Celine Dion in the studio together, post-haste. A Ron Artest rap song sampling "My Heart Will Go On" needs to happen yesterday.

(h/t Steeebo)