Video: Ref tells Kobe Bryant to 'make the shot'

Even Kobe Bryant's(notes) most ardent admirers often chafe at the way he forces long two-point shots. With the man's ability to wriggle his way toward freedom closer to the hoop, and especially with his Jordan-esque gifts in the post, why does Kobe always want to seem to chuck those long two-point shots? And complain endlessly when they don't go in?

Apparently NBA referee Eli Roe is an "ardent admirer" of Kobe, because he was not happy with the Laker guard's chirping following another long miss against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday.


That's right, "make the shot." Kobe made eight of them, in the win, but on 22 attempts (36.3 percent from the floor). Luckily, Kobe's seven assists, sound defense, and double-doubles from both Andrew Bynum(notes) and Pau Gasol(notes) aided the Lakers in the team's win over the Thunder.

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