Video: Nick Young drives baseline for the 360 lay-up

We're at a point in the season when the worst teams in the league have absolutely nothing to play for. Well out of the playoff race and with momentum for the following season a moot point due to a likely lockout, teams have little to care about now other than improving their lottery position. The only guys still playing hard are impending free agents or young players looking to become part of their teams' plans for the future.

The Wizards' Nick Young(notes) is one of those players, and he has made a good case for himself since the Gilbert Arenas(notes) trade by becoming the team's top scorer at 17.8 ppg. He isn't helping the Wizards win many games, but he's putting together enough good plays every night to have a place on the roster moving forward.

Near the end of Washington's 105-99 loss to Dallas on Saturday night, Young made the kind of play that's going to keep him in D.C. for a few more years. Above, check out his ridiculously athletic 360 reverse lay-up to finish through two defenders. When Young is frustrating Wizards fans a few seasons from now, they can look back on this basket and remember that, once upon a time, he was a source of hope on a team that piled up losses.

(Via SB Nation)