Video: NBA stars pay a visit to "The Suite Life on Deck"

The NBA's best players are always trying to expand their personal brands to encompass new demographics, because that means more fame and endorsement opportunities. Coincidentally, one of the most sought after groups of new consumers in today's America is the tweens, a group of kids between early childhood and adolescence who love androgynous singers with high-pitched voices and terrible sitcoms seemingly created in the late '80s.

So it makes sense that NBA players would want to go on one of those TV shows to reach young new fans. That's why NBA stars Dwight Howard(notes), Deron Williams(notes), and Kevin Love(notes) are appearing this Friday on "The Suite Life on Deck," a series in which the twins from the Adam Sandler hit "Big Daddy" and Andrew Garfield's crazy girlfriend from "The Social Network" attend high school on a cruise ship. I guess tweens are really into nautical-themed education. Let this be a lesson that no one can predict the trends that will transfix our nation's youngsters.

In the clip above, Howard comes onto the ship to play basketball with his brother, Mr. Moseby, who has a British accent for some reason. Many jokes are told, including the same one twice about how Moseby is half the size of Howard. Williams and Love join the party, too, but they spend most of their time getting really excited about being on a cruise ship. Then they all go play shuffleboard, because its is the sport most enjoyed by 20-something All-Stars.

If you'd like to enjoy more humor aimed at 10-year-old children, tune in to the Disney Channel this Friday at 8 PM.

(Video via @majlajuna)