Video: NBA promo ads are out, starting with the Boston Celtics

If you've schlepped to on Friday, you've likely noticed familiar faces -- actual active NBA players, which haven't been on the site since July 1. NBA TV is back in the game, too, and soon enough we'll see all manner of NBA team ads featuring active players dotting the airwaves, asking for you back, and wouldn't you mind buying some tickets and a hat?

Via ESPN and Celticsblog, here's the first of the 2011 (barely)-12 season, featuring the Boston Celtics. How do we know that? Because the Celtics keep reminding us that they're, uh, Celtics:

Very nice. Though it should be noted that the Celtics were taken down last year by the team from South Beach, and the year before by the team in Hollywood. Just for the sake of Celtic clarity.