Video: Listen to “His Name Is Dirk,” your new Mavericks anthem

After Sunday's obliteration of the Lakers to finish a surprising sweep, the Mavericks are the toast of the NBA. They're now the favorites in the West and may even win the championship to exorcise the demons of 2006. It's a great story, and one worthy of your respect.

Like heroes of antiquity, the Mavs deserve to be commended in song. That's why the German DJ and producer Flula Borg, a current resident of Los Angeles, created the song "His Name Is Dirk," an ode to what makes Dirk Nowitzki great. At least that's the case if you think Dirk wears a woman's wig, "plays good like an iPod," and is the German Moses. Since everyone believes those things, this song is sure to be a hit.

Oh, and Flula gets bonus points for singing it all in broken English. Eat your heart out, Klaus Meine. You're not your country's finest musician anymore.

(Video via TBJ)