Video: LeBron and Seth MacFarlane, together at last

If you've watched FOX any time in the last five years, you've probably seen the work of Seth MacFarlane. He has roughly 47 shows on the network, including the flagship "Family Guy," its spinoff "The Cleveland Show," and the unrelated "American Dad." As far as I can tell, they all work off the same formula, except one show has a main character that isn't fat.

But enough of my opinions. MacFarlane was recently hired by Nike to create a short ad for LeBron James'(notes) new shoe, the Nike LeBron 8. It is a crazy video: an anthropomorphic, mute sneaker straps two miniature LeBron Jameses to his feet and starts walking around. Then it turns out it was all a dream, except the giant anthropomorphic sneaker is in LeBron's room!

It's an interesting choice by MacFarlane. For one thing, this nightmare seems pretty tame considering how much LeBron is hated now. It would make more sense if the giant anthropomorphic sneaker held a nationally televised press conference to pick its new signature player, but instead of choosing LeBron it went with Kobe Bryant(notes). MacFarlane went the more classic route, which seems quaint in this context.

Of course, the cartoonist could have gone in his usual direction and put LeBron and the sneaker into a common pop-cultural event, like say Harry Potter, except Voldemort turns out to be Darth Vader, and then all three of them end up in a dance party hosted by Dick Clark, who is eaten by a walking hammerhead shark that sings like Little Richard. That's the zany humor we've come to expect from MacFarlane, and it always brings a truckload of laffs.

(Video via The Basketball Jones)