Video: LeBron James visits Liverpool, gives impersonal gifts

One of LeBron James's many forays into global iconography has been his partial ownership of the legendary Liverpool Football Club. It's not one of his major investments, but it's important enough that the broadcasting crew discusses it during games he plays in "NBA 2K12." And 2K Sports doesn't even make a soccer game!

Last week, LeBron finally paid a visit to the club's headquarters to meet with gaffer Kenny Dalglish, star Steven Gerrard, and gothic monster Dirk Kuyt. It was mostly a photo op, except James also paid tribute to his pseudo-employees by giving everyone Beats by Dre headphones. Those things aren't cheap, but then again, footballers aren't exactly hard up for cash.

The weirdest part, though, is that he gifted several signed "James" Heat jerseys. That's normal, I suppose, except that Gerrard returned the favor with a personalized LIverpool kit. Why was LeBron so impersonal? Did he not have the time to make a No. 8 Gerrard Jersey? Or would the NBA not give him one during the lockout?

Whatever the case, I hope this was the extent of the damage. It would have been pretty weird if he'd handed out DVD copies of "The LeBrons," his hit cartoon series. Region 1 discs don't work over there, you know.

(Via TBJ)