Video: LeBron James dunks an incorrectly disallowed shot off of Gerald Henderson’s head

Ball Don't Lie

Thanks to Dwyane Wade's game-deciding bank shot, the Miami Heat escaped Charlotte with a one-point win on Wednesday night, remaining undefeated after starting the season 3-0. But had Wade's short jumper missed, the Heat may have had a legitimate gripe with the NBA and its refs, after a fourth quarter dunk from LeBron James was ruled a miss even though replays clearly showed the ball going through the goal.

Oh, yeah. The replays also showed the ball bounce back through the hoop after bouncing off of Bobcat guard Gerald Henderson's head. Watch:

We've seen closer plays than this, but you still can't really kill the referees for missing this bang-bang play. That said, in a one-point Heat win, those missing two points (James finished with 35) could have been the difference. We're having a hard time recalling a play like this that would have counted for as much.

Props to Henderson, a noted defender, for actually trying to block James' throwdown. Also, pop some aspirin, Gerald. You'll need it after that.

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