Video: Kobe Bryant really has an amazing feel in the low post

Don't believe me? Ask Damien Wilkins. He'll tell you that when Kobe Bryant gets deep post position, he can be really active down low.

I kind of couldn't believe Kobe got whistled for the offensive foul here. Then again, the refs were really squeezing 'em Tuesday night.

As good as Kobe is, though, Damien Wilkins' defensive reputation precedes him. Everybody knows he's a handful.

I don't know why Bryant was fooling around in that black mask like a little kid pretending to be a superhero, but I'm glad he went back to the plain clear version for the second half. When the game's on the line, there's no time to play grab-ass.

In hindsight, maybe the mask thing wasn't that big a deal. Maybe Kobe just wants to find one that he doesn't think people will joke about. It stinks to be the butt of jokes.

The Detroit Pistons defeated the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night in overtime by a score of 88-85. Bryant hit a 19-foot fadeaway to send the game to OT, but missed a couple of quick 3-pointers late that helped Detroit secure an all-too-rare win.

Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol combined for 50 points on 32 shots, 24 rebounds, eight assists and seven blocked shots to lead Los Angeles. Bryant finished with 22 points on 8-of-26 shooting, including a dire 2-of-9 mark from long range in the loss. Rodney Stuckey (34 points on 13-of-20 shooting) starred for the victors, while Greg Monroe (15 rebounds on a night when his shot wasn't falling) and Jason Maxiell (10 points, 10 boards) chipped in from the frontcourt.

The Internet is the greatest.

Video via TrollsInParis.

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