Video: Kobe Bryant catches an art thief in a tiny car

Lakers legend Kobe Bryant loves his horsepower. He's not the most patient person we've ever come across, and he's earned quite a bit of money during his NBA career, so his love affair with his Ferrari 430 (a brutishly fast car that isn't as luxurious as other Ferraris; it's for a driver that knows what he's doing) makes a great deal of sense.

But this commercial? For a Smart Car? They must have paid Kobe a lot of money.

Via AutoBlog:

(Insert joke about Kobe's passing here.)

I'm not sure where Smart Car got the V8 sounds to apply post-production to this commercial from, but it is fun to see Kobe bombing around in a little 71-horsepower Smart Car. Provided you forget that his 6-6 frame would have a nearly impossible time folding itself into one.