Video: Kevin Durant nails the game-winner

On Saturday night, Kevin Durant(notes) hit this lovely game-winning three at the buzzer to lift his Thunder to a 101-98 win over the Knicks. It was another great moment for a player who has garnered himself a reputation as a clutch performer.

Though not the first buzzer-beater of Durant's career, it was the first in recent memory, so much so that the initial AP report listed the game-winner as the first in Durant's four-year NBA term.

Let's allow Kevin to tell it:

"Once I let it go, it felt like everybody went silent," Durant said. "And once it went in, I really couldn't hear too much. I was just looking towards the bench. Once I snapped back into it, I really heard the crowd.

"That's one of the all-time best feelings that I've had so far in this league."

The Thunder currently enjoy a game and a half lead in the Northwest Division.