Video: Kevin Durant and Back to the Future’s Doc Brown gotta get back in time

Ball Don't Lie

We don't like running product ads disguised as ha-ha videos here at BDL, but we have to make an exception for something like this. For one, it features Kevin Durant, and we miss his jumpers. Secondly, all the proceeds from the sale of this particular product go to a charitable cause -- in this case, the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which aides in Parksinson's research.

Lastly? The film references 'Back To the Future.' Or, more specifically, 'Back To the Future, II.' Either way, greatest movie(s), ever. Take your 'Godfather' and shove it.

Via The Basketball Jones, here's the clip:

Heavy [stuff], indeed. And the 22-year old movie, partially set four years in the future, still holds up. Although we still don't know how a crummy 160-horsepower DeLorean with all those gadgets strewn about could ever get up to 88 miles an hour.

Not the point, though. Good move, Tinker Hatfield. Sweet shoes, Doc Brown.

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