Video: Juwan Howard shoves Hilton Armstrong who shoved Joel Anthony

In another hard foul gone wrong, Washington Wizards center Hilton Armstrong(notes) pushed Miami's Joel Anthony(notes) on Monday night as the Heat pivotman went up for an attempted dunk (let's not give Joel the benefit of the doubt on his dunking aptitude), and nobody came out of this looking pretty.

Armstrong probably didn't want to send Anthony to the floor, but it was a dumb move considering the fact that the Heat center was already in the air, and quite prone to be sent to the floor. And then Juwan Howard(notes), in what may have been the most dangerous move of the two (because Armstrong wasn't expecting to be sent to the hardwood), gave the Wizards big man a two-hand shove as he tried to check on the newly floor-bound Anthony.

Here's the video:

And here's Armstrong's unintentionally funny take on things, following the game:

"I wasn't really trying to hurt him or anything like that, I just didn't want him to have any easy dunk or an easy lay-up," Armstrong said. "You clearly saw he lost his balance when he was in the air. I didn't mean to hit him that hard, but he fell. I went to go try to help him out, but then Howard came and pushed me in the back."

And here's the part where I wonder if this fight included the lowest combined PERs (17.5, according to of any fight in NBA history.

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