Video: Jrue Holiday destroys Anthony Randolph

With all of three preseason "contests" to choose from last night, plus a playoff baseball game, you'll have to pardon me for missing this Jrue Holiday(notes) throwdown. I was also reading a bit. Please excuse me, Jrue. Never again.

The odd thing is that Holiday is right-handed, he dunked left-handed, and Anthony Randolph(notes) is left-handed. Working primarily with his left hand defensively allows Randolph to have his way with opponents tossing things up with their strong hand, and you get the feeling that Jrue would be out of luck had he attempted this on the orthodox, Juan Williams-side (fake left to get on TV, go right) of things.

Alas, Jrue went all Kucinich on the New York forward. We should all thank him for that.

(Got to it first: TBJ.)