Video: Josh Smith dunks on Joel Anthony for a moment of joy

If you didn't watch Tuesday night's Heat/Hawks overtime thriller, then don't worry too much. It wasn't very thrilling, with the Hawks' 93-89 win only coming after 53 minutes of poorly chosen shots. To put it another way, this is a game you would have regret watching, because there was little to recommend within it.

Except for this play, that is. Behold this Josh Smith(notes) dunk on Joel Anthony(notes) late in the fourth quarter with the game in the balance. Without it, the Hawks would never have won the game. Oh, and it also made things at least moderately tolerable for the impartial viewer, too.

It was the diamond in a coal mine, or as our own Kelly Dwyer put it over email Tuesday night, the sex scene in an otherwise terrible movie. Congratulations, Josh Smith. Tuesday night, you were Anne Hathaway in "Havoc."

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