Video: Jeremy Tyler works out for Blazers, forgets who Nate McMillan is

The draft workout process can take a toll on the prospects involved. Not only are they working under pressure to prove themselves to prospective employers, but they also have to fly all around the country, often on very short notice. It's a disorienting process.

So keep those issues in mind when you watch the video above courtesy of (via Ben Golliver at Blazers Edge), in which 20-year-old big man Jeremy Tyler doesn't recognize the name of Portland Trail Blazers Nate McMillan, a man he'd worked out for just moments before in Portland. It's an extremely embarrassing moment, but one that can be partially excused by Tyler's post-workout exhaustion and travel schedule. It seems like he had a momentary memory lapse, not that he's actually this oblivious.

Tyler is one of the most intriguing players in this draft class. A high school star once committed to Louisville, he skipped his senior year of high school to sign with an Israeli pro team, quit the team after getting little playing time and being called out for immaturity, and signed with a Japanese club last summer, with whom he has regained some semblance of his former reputation. He should be picked in the second round of this year's draft and be given a shot to make an NBA team next season. With any luck, this incident will rest as a funny bump on his way to a successful career.

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