Video: JaVale McGee 'hot dogs,' misses a free-throw line dunk

This has been posted a few times Thursday by people whose Dodge Stratus', I'm assuming, are working just fine; but the word still needs to get out: Washington Wizards center JaVale McGee(notes) tried to dunk from the free-throw line Wednesday night. In a game against the Sacramento Kings, that nobody was watching. With his team down 25 points. With 24 seconds left in the game. And of course he missed it, silly.

Missed badly. Badly enough for Sacramento play-by-play man Grant "Peaches" Napear to bust out his inner Joe Buck and tell the hundreds watching a 25-point Kings/Wizards game that this "is what happens when you hot dog." Which I'd feel bad about if "Hot Dog ... The Movie" (starring former Dr. Pepper pitchman David Naughton, don't ask why I know that) wasn't so, so choice.

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(HT: I originally saw this Wednesday night on OutsidetheNBA's Twitter feed, and you should follow him so you see these things too.)

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