Video: J.R. Smith and Terrence Williams make a charity game hilarious

This summer, the lockout has opened up the world of summer pro-am leagues and charity games to a whole new audience. These games happen every year, but they typically go unnoticed in the face of minor free-agent signings and silly made-up controversies about how low players wear their trousers. Which is a shame, because, as we've learned this summer, these summer exhibitions can be pretty entertaining.

They're also frequently hilarious. On Friday night, young NBA journeyman Earl Clark held a charity game in Louisville that included several pro players. It was apparently a hoot, if these two videos are any indication.

In the first one, above, Rockets wing Terrence Williams dunks right on top of Lakers forward Derrick Caracter. Then, to shame Caracter even more, he took off his shirt and threw it to the ground. Sadly, he then put it back on, presumably because the referee (wait, did this game even have a referee?) could not call a foul on "the guy with all the tattoos."

After the jump, check out another play in which J.R. Smith blocks a child's shot with authority.

We've seen professional athletes block children before, but J.R.'s stands out as the funniest. For one thing, this one comes from a player whose sense of humor suggests that he does this all the time. Plus, after the swat, he doesn't even joke with the kid or tell him that it was all in good fun. Instead, he postures like a badass and walks back up the court while his teammates congratulate him. Apparently they hate children, too.

At The Basketball Jones, Trey "The King of Zing" Kerby has posited that this was the funniest basketball game of all time. I must agree. That it all happened for charity is merely icing on the cake.

(Both videos via TBJ, first via Flubby, second via Shawn Bank)