Video: Indian lovers rewrite the rules of the game

You wouldn't know it from what plays in American multiplexes, but the Indian-film industry rivals Hollywood in terms of commitment to producing entertainment for the masses. In order to please as many as possible, it usually sets its tales of love in relatable contexts, like in jewel thief operations, the high-stakes world of computing, or even on a basketball court.

Above, witness a short scene from an unidentified Tamil movie in which the male star meets his female love interest on a basketball. At least I think that's what's happening. In Indian basketball, apparently you play with a soccer ball, use fishing nets instead of the normal twine, and have roughly 20 players on the court at a time. I guess it's working for them, though, since our hero is strong enough to throw his beloved through the hoop. That's what I call a game-winner!

Laugh if you like. But when you're in love, the normal rules don't matter. The world is your canvas, and you can play basketball however you want.