Video: Ho-hum, another awesome Blake Griffin alley-oop

Blake Griffin(notes) throws down jaw-dropping dunks with such regularity that you'd think they'd become old at some point. Every time he hits a court, he does something you've seen maybe a handful of times -- if at all -- before. Luckily, every dunk is so fantastic that it still wows you every time. That's the beauty of a transcendent talent -- he can catch your attention even when you think you've seen it all before.

Above, witness Griffin's latest feat of strength, an unreal catch-and-flush on an alley-oop from Baron Davis(notes) in Sunday's 108-103 win over Phoenix at Staples Center. I have no idea how a human can reach his arm back that far for the catch and still finish the play with ludicrous force, but I suppose Griffin isn't a normal person. Someone should check him for flubber.

Last week, I said that players like Griffin are best-seen in full games because their best moments come with little warning -- the surprise can't be re-created in a highlight, where you know the great play is coming. But if you don't have League Pass, these highlight clips are the next best thing. That's why, even when Griffin is closing in on his 400th dunk of the season, we'll bring the videos to you on Ball Don't Lie. No basketball fan should have to miss out on these plays.