Video: Gordon Hayward gets schooled in the world of “StarCraft II”

On Thursday, we hipped you to Utah Jazz wing Gordon Hayward's plans to play the video game "StarCraft II" as part of the IGN Pro League of gaming. It's a fun way for a big-time fan to get involved in a world he loves, and he'll probably also earn a decent check for acting as an ambassador for competitive gaming.

That last bit is notable, because Hayward seems to be embracing his involvement with open arms. Above, watch a video he cut with several gamers to promote his upcoming participation. As a trio of experts school him in the world of high-stakes intergalactic space warfare, Hayward becomes increasingly frustrated with his inability to foil a Zerg uprising.

Then, when he's finally had enough -- which, it should be noted, does not speak particularly well of his ability to perform under pressure -- Hayward shows his new friends how he plays in the NBA to shut them up for good. After several dunks and athletic lay-ins, he rests his case.

Except, well, that's not really how Hayward plays in the NBA. While he still has room to grow, his rookie season was notable for his shooting ability and slight build. The man is not an athletic freak.

I say that not to denigrate Hayward, but to encourage him not to lie to his new pals. That is no way to ingratiate yourself into a community that seems to be welcoming you with open arms.

(Via SLC Dunk and TBJ)

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