Video: Don't wear an Al Horford jersey in Milwaukee

As much as I've enjoyed the Milwaukee Bucks this season, I haven't really bought in to the whole "Fear the Deer" movement. It doesn't have anything to do with the team at all, it's just that I don't think deer are very scary. Sure, one might stop your heart if it darts in front of your car in the middle of the night on a country road, but other than that deer seem pretty chill. Being scared of Bambi is just silly.

However, now that I know how violent Bango, the Bucks' mascot, can be, I might have to reassess my position on deer.

Now that is a deer to be afraid of. Not only does he have perfect form on his tackles, he's also kind of a jerk. I mean, what kind of deer just dropkicks an innocent rollerblader? Bango, that's who. He's a rogue element, which is the scariest part of all.

After seeing this, I totally understand why the Hawks are so anti-Wisconsin. Well, the losing might be part of it, but I'm sure a psycho deer running around assaulting anyone in an Al Horford(notes) jersey isn't the most welcoming thing in the world. Especially if you're Al Horford.

(h/t BrewHoop)