Video: Danilo Gallinari blows the uncontested layup, Lakers win

Ball Don't Lie

Saturday afternoon's contest between the Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets was a spirited affair, drawing in all manner of hirsute celebrities (Tom Petty and Will Ferrell included) and featuring a fine return from suspension from Laker center Andrew Bynum (who finished with 29 points and 13 rebounds in his season debut).

Unfortunately for Denver fans, though, the entertaining back and forth was more than completely sullied by this botched, potentially game-tying, layup from Danilo Gallinari.


Not the smartest shot from Kobe Bryant to start, to say nothing of his held pose as Danilo leaked out, but in an instant Gallinari absolved all sins. It was a fitting end to a rough final game of 2011 for the forward they call "Gallo," who missed nine of 12 shots overall in 37 minutes of play. At least he gets to spend New Year's Eve in sunny Los Angeles ... actually, no. The Nuggets have to fly back to Denver to play the Lakers again on Sunday.

(Video courtesy Jose3030.)

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