Video: Dan Gilbert and Magic Johnson are giving away free smart phones

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is perhaps the hawkiest of all hawk owners, a man who thinks he's not only entitled to profits no matter what he does with his franchise, but also loyalty from all his employees in any context. It's a bizarre and offputting approach to management in which an owner essentially works with his employees in the manner of a medieval feudal system.

Part of Gilbert's approach to NBA ownership involves making money off players whenever possible. Except, in the midst of a lockout, he can't have any real contact with active NBA athletes. So, for his latest commercial for Quicken Loans, Gilbert sought the help of Magic Johnson. In the spot, Gilbert promotes his company's new "get a free Android phone when you get a free home loan review" by having Magic "pass" the phones to people from a rooftop. Cool, I guess.

Of course, what the ad doesn't tell you is that Quicken Loans engaged in the sort of predatory lending practices that caused the housing crisis. So, you know, go forth with caution. "Free" usually comes with a catch.

(via PBT)