Video: Chauncey Billups will bake you a cake for $75,000

Most big-time athletes have charitable organizations. It's a good idea, obviously, because they get to give back to the community. If you don't think that's a good idea, then you must be some sort of monster.

Still, most athletes don't use their charities as opportunities for jokes, since, you know, suffering is pretty serious. On the other hand, no one ever said that jokes can't help draw attention to a serious thing. Jokes aren't just funny -- they can also help out people in need.

So let's all give Chauncey Billups some credit, because the recent ads for his Elite Basketball Academy are both hilarious and informative. For just $75,000, you could have Mr. Billups bake you a cake (gluten-free!). That's but a small price to pay to help underprivileged kids play basketball at a high level. Plus, I'm sure it's very delicious.

After the jump, check out two more great ads in which Chauncey offers to DJ a party and play golf. All for very special low prices!

Hire Chauncey Billups for your straight-man roles, comedy writers. Forget basketball -- he has found his calling.

(via TBJ)

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