Video: Charity dunks from Gilbert Arenas, Kevin Durant and (almost) Dwight Howard

Ball Don't Lie

There is some fun to be had at the various lockout-induced charity games the last few months have produced.

For instance, the Dwight Howard-endorsed charity event (complete with locked-out media, as influenced by Howard's handlers, provided they actually deigned to write about the possibility of Howard leaving the Orlando Magic as a free agent in 2012) featured Howard's attempt at replicating Gilbert Arenas' famous trampoline-aided dunk from the 2008 NBA All-Star Game.

Howard failed miserably. Arenas? Take a look:

(Via SB Devine.)

And then there's this turn, which features various participants in Josh Howard's charity event, dunking away with little defense to get in the, uh, way:

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(Via Pro Basketball Talk with a big thank you to Ball Is Life for the original clip.)

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