Video: Blake Griffin brings the laffs

In a few short months, Blake Griffin(notes) has become the hottest thing going in NBA circles by virtue of his rim-rattling dunks. His presence brings an electricity to arenas around the league, and he's made the Clippers relevant for the first time in years.

However, Griffin has a low profile off the court. Needing a dose of personality for his public image, Griffin partnered with MySpace Comedy for a series of interviews that bring you the man behind the dunks.

These are parody interviews, but they very clearly bring across what Griffin's like away from basketball. He's humble, friendly, and blessed with a pretty darn impressive sense of comedic timing. He's obviously patterned his style after Will Ferrell, but no one ever said influence is the same as stealing someone's style.

Check out the clip above and view the rest of the videos at MySpace. Social networking is the wave of the future!

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