Video: Bill Walton relishes in the spirit of the Grateful Dead

Last night was Grateful Dead Night at Pseudo-Science Coliseum, and in celebration of such, Sacramento Kings broadcaster Bill Walton was in Bill Walton-type form. Something we all should aspire to.

Besides passing along the good news that both the fans and Kings owners Joe and Gavin Maloof have raised $10,000 for the Rex Foundation, the Grateful Dead's nearly 30-year old charity arm, Walton also dropped a little history, and a little advice for the youngsters. Robert Hunter-style.

Bill pointed out that he went to around 800 Dead concerts between being introduced to the band back in 1967, and until the Dead's final show in the summer of 1995. And with game action rolling back in front of the camera, as the Kings and Dallas Mavericks got back to work, Walton found time to chide Kings guard Luther Head(notes) with some Grateful-based wisdom, as he took a heavy hand with diminutive Mavericks guard Jose Juan Barea(notes).

"No need for Luther Head to be violent, out there. He's bigger. He's powerful, out there. We you are the King, as you are with the Grateful Dead or when you're on top of the world, you just wait back there. Be gentle around the ball. Be explosive, be fierce, be tough and tenacious away from the ball. But when you come into contact with that ball? Like your girlfriend. Got to be really smooth and nice."

Please watch the entire video.

(Hat-tip to OutsidetheNBA for the clip.)

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