Tyler Hansbrough is not dumb, wants nothing to do with Metta World Peace (Video)

Tyler Hansbrough's been called "Psycho T" since his days in Tar Heel blue, but c'mon — he's not actually crazy.

With just under six minutes remaining in the fourth quarter of Monday's preseason game between the Toronto Raptors, with whom Hansbrough signed as a free agent this offseason, and the New York Knicks, the former Indiana Pacers reserve power forward posted up on the left block, received an entry pass from ex-Knicks wing Landry Fields, and went to work against New York training-camp invitee Ike Diogu. As he drove toward the basket, Knicks forward and offseason acquisition Metta World Peace sunk down to double the ball, reached in and fouled Hansbrough. The two got tangled up after the play as Hansbrough reached up for the rebound; World Peace continued to pursue the ball, knocking it away from Hansbrough from behind, which the UNC product didn't appreciate.

He seemed ready to share his displeasure in an angry and forceful tone ... until he turned around and saw who was behind him. Here's Tyler's lack of temerity in the moment of truth, thanks to our friends at the Yahoo Sports Minute:

As World Peace continued to advance toward him, Fields and a referee got between him and Hansbrough, who's no stranger to conflict with one of the NBA's more colorful characters. The former Ron Artest received a technical foul, and that was about the end of it. Except, of course, for the replays that seemed to show Hansbrough freaking out upon realizing it was Ron-Ron:

It looked on TV like Tyler's fury dissipated into a pair of "My bad" mutterings ... and apparently, it looked pretty similar up close and personal:

Let it never be said that Hansbrough's not smart enough to possess true regard for his health and well-being. Sure, Metta's come a long way since his troubled heyday, but he's not exactly friendly on the floor. I wouldn't want to be staring down that barrel, either.

After the game, World Peace caught wind of the current of public opinion suggesting Hansbrough wilted when faced with reaping the whirlwind and played nice on Twitter:

In that case, then, I guess Hansbrough's tougher than World Peace — after all, the Raptors beat the Knicks in double overtime, 123-120, with Hansbrough chipping in 10 points and seven rebounds in 23 minutes off the bench. I guess Tyler really should keep being tough ... just so long as he continues to keep being smart enough to know when to fold 'em and throw up the peace sign, too.

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