Ty Lawson’s sweet company car

You play for a team in Europe, you get a free car. Nice gig, right?

Of course, the car will have to have your name on it, which might be embarrassing. And though it'll be a European car, it won't be that sort of European car. It might be a Renault Scenic, which Ty Lawson will be driving as he plays for a team in Lithuania this season:

I'll put my bad jokes aside if you can do the same with your prejudices. Renault, a French car company, actually produces some of the more interesting mid-level cars on the market out there; and the Renault Clio is a particular favorite.

The Renault Scenic? In brown? Maybe not so much; but it's roomy and it's free, Ty Lawson. And you'll never be at a loss in a parking lot, after forgetting which stylized Euro box is yours. Because your name is on it, Ty Lawson.

(HT to Pro Basketball Talk, who found Lawson's wheels on @BBallWorldLTU's Twitter account.)