Tony Allen had his future Christmas gifts stolen

NBA players make lots of money, but they value their Christmas gifts just as much as anyone else. There's something special about knowing that your friends and family can give you gifts with your interests in mind. It's the spirit of giving, and it's wonderful. That's what I've heard, at least. I'm Jewish.

So you can imagine how much it must hurt a professional athlete for his future holiday gifts to be stolen, because it would be your own feeling, too. So, please, feel some empathy for Memphis Grizzlies defensive stopper Tony Allen right now. From (via SLAM):

Tony Allen says that someone has stolen $20,000 worth of clothing out of a rental car that his mother was using.

His mother returned a rent-a-car to Enterprise at 7263 Winchester, and left the goods in the car. She later realized that she didn't have the merchandise, called the rental car company and was told that nothing was found in the vehicle.

Among the items stolen were high dollar sweaters, shoes, and shirts meant for the NBA star as Christmas gifts.

I have no idea how those gifts total $20,000, but I'm sure Tony appreciated his mother's decision to buy him gold-plated sweaters and shoes made of whale blubber. With the kind of money he makes, he has probably done quite a bit for her. It's nice to give back.

(CORRECTION: Tony Allen has informed me multiple times on Twitter that these were not Christmas gifts, but rather stolen belongings, in which case much of this post makes no sense. Tony, I apologize.)

Unfortunately, it looks like the Allens will not be able to bond over their respective gifts this year. Then again, perhaps that's not such a bad thing. With no gifts, Tony can rediscover the true meaning of Christmas, which is mostly giving gifts to other people and watching the happy smiles on their faces. And when his mother gives him a homemade scrapbook of his run with the Grizzlies last season, he will know that she truly loves him for who he is, not just his material success.

I am pitching a special to the Hallmark Channel as we speak. I'll let you know when it airs.

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