The 10-man rotation, starring Tony Allen's game-changing defense on Kevin Durant

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - APRIL 21: Kevin Durant #35 of the Oklahoma City Thunder takes a shot against Tony Allen #9 of the Memphis Grizzlies in Game Two of the Western Conference Quarterfinals during the 2014 NBA Playoffs at Chesapeake Energy Arena on April 21, 2014 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

A look around the league and the Web that covers it. It's also important to note that the rotation order and starting nods aren't always listed in order of importance. That's for you, dear reader, to figure out.

C: Bleacher Report, SB Nation, Deadspin, Daily Thunder, The Oklahoman and Hardwood Paroxysm. Everybody wrote about how Tony Allen's defending Kevin Durant so well, and how awesome Tony Allen is, and how huge a role he played in the Memphis Grizzlies beating the Oklahoma City Thunder in overtime on Monday.

PF: Fast Break. The Golden State Warriors head home for Game 3 having achieved a split at Staples Center, but after a 40-point drubbing at the hands of the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday, Adam Lauridsen thinks Mark Jackson's unwillingness (or perhaps inability) to adapt schematically could soon doom the Dubs: "Jackson has yet to find a way to adapt to what the Clippers are throwing at him, and simply running the same old sets and substitutions that got him his much-vaunted 51 wins doesn’t look like it’s going to get him many more."

SF: Hardwood Paroxysm. In the aftermath of the NBA admitting officiating errors in two games on the opening weekend of the postseason — one that should have sent Chris Paul to the line late in the Los Angeles Clippers' Game 1 loss to the Golden State Warriors and one that disqualified Dwight Howard late in the Houston Rockets' Game 1 overtime loss to the Portland Trail Blazers — the HP crew debates the NBA's policy of acknowledging such mistakes the day after, whether it actually serves anyone's interests, and the tricky business of increasing transparency in such emotionally charged circumstances.

SG: Blazer Banter. After LaMarcus Aldridge torched the Rockets for 46 and 18 in Game 1, Houston head coach Kevin McHale said he might look to switch up his coverages on the Blazers' All-Star big man. Erik Gundersen looks at what Houston did in Game 1 that didn't work, and what they might try in Game 2 based on past experiences.

PG: SB Nation. Tom Ziller looks at how dueling geniuses Gregg Popovich and Rick Carlisle turned the expected offensive showdown between the San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks into a defensive struggle in the Spurs' Game 1 win.

6th: Where Offense Happens. Good stuff from Seth Partnow on how Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili keep defenses guessing with their ability to vary the pace of their attack as ball-handlers in the pick-and-roll.

7th: Deadspin. Albert Burneko wants you to root for John Wall, because he is brave and audacious and loads of fun to watch: "The old chestnut about the things you fail to do being easier to live with than the things you fail to try, you know? John Wall will try anything, and that, in a certain light, is at least as amazing as the frequency with which he pulls those anythings off."

8th: Regressing. Brett Koremenos breaks down how the Brooklyn Nets' ability to switch just about any defensive assignment turns them into an elite defensive unit despite the age and one-on-one limitations of some of the individual players who comprise it.

9th: Bullets Forever. Mike Prada identifies a half-dozen potential adjustments to look out for in Game 2 between the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards.

10th: Grantland. Zach Lowe's winners and losers of the first three days of playoff basketball offer a wonderful recap of what went down if you spent any part of your Easter weekend or Boston Marathon Monday doing something other than watching/reading about the NBA. (Like you'd ever do such a thing.)

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