The 10-man rotation, starring Andrew Wiggins, whom we're meeting at a very strange time in his life

NEW YORK - JUNE 26: Andrew Wiggins selected first overall byt the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2014 NBA Draft on June 26, 2014 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. (Photo by Jeyhoun Allebaugh/NBAE via Getty Images)

A look around the league and the Web that covers it. It's also important to note that the rotation order and starting nods aren't always listed in order of importance. That's for you, dear reader, to figure out.

C: National Post. Eric Koreen with a nice read on Andrew Wiggins and the super-weird spot in which he finds himself — the No. 1 overall pick in the deepest draft in years, a potential franchise-changing prospect for the Cleveland Cavaliers, who now due to circumstances beyond his control has become a near-afterthought whose most significant influence on the Cavs' championship potential could wind up being whether he's enough of an enticement to convince the Minnesota Timberwolves to trade Kevin Love.

PF: Sports Illustrated. Lee Jenkins serves up the full-on feature bookend to his as-told-to essay exclusive on LeBron James' return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and it's characteristically fantastic.

SF: The Score. A nice succinct consideration of how, specifically, LeBron will help amplify the Cavs' offense. LeBron/Kyrie pick-and-rolls? You bet.

SG: Grantland. Zach Lowe opens his arms wide and tries to wrap them around the winners, losers and most prominent emerging trends of the first two weeks of July's free agency madness.

PG: Triangle Offense. Russ Bengtson on the Chicago Bulls appearing to finally get a free-agent signing right with the addition of Pau Gasol, who could leave the Bulls as "well prepared for a Finals run as they’ve ever been in the post-Jordan era."

6th: TrueHoop. Jason Friedman on Daryl Morey's misfire, the Houston Rockets' chances of rebounding from just missing out on having arguably the best starting five in the NBA, and the cold comfort in doubling down on process when the results don’t go your way.

7th: Sports Illustrated. Rob Mahoney checks in with Derrick Williams, former No. 2 overall pick and relative-to-potential-and-hype disappointment, on yet another trip to Summer League in search of some development to hold onto.

8th: Grantland. Bill Simmons wonders whether Carmelo Anthony just missed his last chance to find his version of the 2011 Dallas Mavericks.

9th: Blog-a-Bull. And the counterargument, from your friendly BullsBlogger: "Between what the Knicks did and what the Bulls refused to do given their own 'priorities,' Carmelo Anthony chose the only legitimate offer on the table."

10: The Star-Ledger. "They just gifted him riches beyond the wildest dreams of avarice, but Carmelo Anthony is still not a lead player, and $120 million won’t change that." Thus begins Dave D'Alessandro's dispassionate dissection of the 'Melo deal, and it gets harsher from there.

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