Terrence Ross’ dunks, James White’s two-hander and Gerald Green’s reverse, all in slow motion (VIDEO)

HOUSTON — Thanks to noted philosopher Dave Chappelle, it's long been widely accepted that most things look better in slow motion. This is especially true when it comes to slam dunks, which are often pretty rad in real-time, but tend to look even more stylish and remarkable when the pace slows down. Given these two truisms, we present to you, the trusting BDL public, video of Toronto Raptors rookie Terrence Ross' 2013 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest-winning performance from All-Star Saturday Night, as captured by the NBA's high-speed Phantom cameras:

Two things about this that stood out to me and that I didn't get to catch up in the press area of the Toyota Center: I love how Ross' eyes lit up after he completes his spin and spots the rim on his behind-the-back dunk and I was very concerned at how close his left knee came to connecting with the back of that young ball boy's head during his final dunk of the competition. I found myself cringing, even knowing it turned out OK; it's a good thing Li'l Dude was turned away from the flight path and thus blissfully unaware of how close he was to getting rocked. Oh, well; all's well that ends well, right?

After the jump, two more slow-mo treats from heavily favored (and, unfortunately, disappointing) entrants Gerald Green and James White.

First, Green taking an off-the-side-of-the-backboard pass from Indiana Pacers teammate Lance Stephenson and reversing with authority:

And White's one-step-inside-the-free-throw-line two-hand tomahawk, which garnered only a 45 from the judges, but earned recognition by my colleague Eric Freeman as the second-best dunk of the night:

Thanks for improving our lives, slow motion. We are forever in your debt.