Steve Nash has a dry sense of humor

Last season, the Phoenix Suns were one Ron Artest offensive rebound away from, well, still being a game away from the NBA Finals. Still, the team gave the Lakers a good scare in the Western Conference finals, before undergoing some significant changes in the offseason.

Like, losing an all-world scoring big man who can drop 30 in his sleep. And often did.

With Amar'e Stoudemire in New York, and the second-option-by-committee thing failing miserably, the Suns fell short of the playoffs this season. Star guard Steve Nash has been hampered by personal difficulty and injuries all season, and with the regular season coming to a close next week, he decided to try out a little lottery-bound gallows humor on Twitter on Tuesday morning.

That's the attitude, mate. Of course ol' @Coley_Coles had to go and point out that it was ridiculous for a rabbi, a horse, and Helen Keller to be walking into a bar at the same time:

(Steve's words, like mine, are in parenthesis.)

I think I know dry humor. On my junior kindergarten (a grade local to Chicago, I guess) report card, Mrs. Henry actually pointed out that "Kelly has a very dry sense of humor," which is a pretty remarkable thing when you consider that there aren't a lot of five-year olds out there that remind of Dick Cavett. So of course it's nice to see Steve bringing the ha-ha even if his season hasn't been a barrel of laughs. I mean that. Seriously. I'm a little dry, but it's not a joke.

(By the way, the rabbi says, "I said Midori stone SOUR!" It's a really good joke.)