Stan Van Gundy can wear his turtlenecks again

The preseason is halfway over, the regular season is just two weeks away, and there's one thing to bank on above all.

That new "rule" that forced Stan Van Gundy to wear a tie was so, so, stupid.

So stupid.

I think I just assumed that the NBA wouldn't have the nerve to really give a good rat's tail about this. That -- like they do every early autumn when they talk up changing the way they call traveling, technicals, or flopping -- they'd revert to the norm once all the noise has died down. I hoped that, on some random game in mid-November, SVG would go back to the mock turtleneck look, and that the league would look the other way.

And, as it turns out? According to the Orlando Sentinel, there really never was a "Stan Van Gundy rule." He could always wear turtlenecks. I have no idea where the confusion came from.

Good thing, because it wasn't the turtlenecks that were making Stan Van appear so (relatively) slovenly. It was because he didn't really care to adjust his pose for the TV cameras while actually on camera. He was and is more concerned with, silly him, doing his job and winning ballgames. His biggest fashion faux pas was to often leave his playbook pamphlet stashed haphazardly within his interior blazer pocket, so that the damn thing stuck out every time Stan sat down.

And a tie was going to fix this?

I might be taking this a bit too personally, but the idea of a mock turtleneck as a fashion no-no is an anathema to me. I prefer to dress in what would charitably be called "mod" fashions, looking to the Small Faces, Georgie Fame, the Who or Paul Weller for inspiration. And the mock or regular turtleneck, with a sport coat, is an absolute staple. High fashion for high street.

And while Stan Van Gundy isn't exactly trying to make Carnaby Street swoon with his selections, he wasn't really hurting anyone, was he? All he was doing was acting as one of the best coaches in the NBA, consistently, as has been the case for years. Without a tie.

It was another pretty pointless move for the NBA, if enforced, but apparently it's all over. Remove your shackle, SVG.

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