Stan Van Gundy is now on the board of directors of a zoo

Last holiday season, audiences around the world fell in love with Cameron Crowe's "We Bought A Zoo," a delightful romp about a single dad (Matt Damon) who buys a zoo, turns it into something special, and (SPOILER ALERT) falls in love with Scarlett Johansson. Ever since, America has caught Zoo Fever™, with record numbers of attendees and thousands of families losing their life savings by trying to recreate that unique Crowe/Damon magic. (Note: These facts are entirely made up.)

As of yet, none of our favorite NBA personalities have exploited the zoo boom. Let's credit former Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy, then, for his new venture. From Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel on Twitter:

On top of recent news that he will team up with Dwight Howard to help Orlando-area schools, it looks like Van Gundy is doing more than his fair share of helping the community. Of course, while his work for schools might have a more direct impact, there is just no matching the power of imagining Stan Van Gundy working for a zoo. Will he feed the penguins? Is he scared of the lions? Can he talk to the animals, all Dr. Doolittle-like?!

These are important questions to answer. If we don't start a reality show — working title: "Stan Van Gundy Bought A Zoo" — then someone has made a huge mistake.