Shaquille O’Neal will not lend his talents to ‘Dancing With the Stars’

From the Colin Cowherd show, as transcribed by Sports Radio Interviews:

"No. I will never do Dancing with the Stars because I'm original in doing things and too many people have done it. I will probably do something different."

Which is not a terrible thing, because as we've seen in the past, Shaq is sort of hit or miss with the extent to which his viewing public appreciates his dance moves.


Sure, Chip Schaefer and Robert Horry enjoyed Shaq's turn during this locker room freaknic; but they're not enough to sustain a fickle ABC audience. You need more. You have to broaden that audience, Shaquille. Or, at least, wear socks.

This one old guy? Sorry, Shaq, but it's not enough.

An unmoved Dwight Howard? Especially after all the passive/aggressive shots Shaq has given Howard over the years, we can't imagine that he'll be bothered to call in and lend O'Neal his support.

In all, a sound decision by Shaq. Nobody needs "Dancing With the Stars." Nobody. Not even your aunt.

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