Shaq wants to ride the Boston subway, dressed in drag

One would think that after a long and sometimes distinguished career as a 15-time All-Star and four-time NBA champion, Shaquille O'Neal(notes) would ease into semi-retirement as a senior citizen of sorts in the league's most senior citizen-y of franchises, the Boston Celtics.

Or, the guy could use what could be his final year in the NBA to embark on a series of pranks and gaffes, starting with last week's trip to Harvard Square (where O'Neal sat for nearly an hour as an unmoving statue), and what appears to be plans for an upcoming trip to Boston's underground railway system, and ... well, you'll read.

From WEEI:

O'Neal then took it to another level when explaining how he was going to appear when boarding the train. He said that he would be dressing up as a woman named, "Shaquita," "I'm going to do that," he said.

Shaquita? You're bananas.

(Had to do it.)

Shaq's a grown man and he can do what he wants, and I'm pretty excited at the idea of a big macho athlete having fun with his persona up to the point of wanting to saunter around a subway in his Sunday finest. And he is actually planning on pulling the stunt this Sunday.

But as a buddy of Rob Bradford (author of the WEEI column posted above) pointed out, "what will people say when he's averaging four points a game and getting on subways dressed like a woman?"

Probably the same thing we all say when we're in the presence of a rather eccentric gentleman who is dressed in woman's clothes, while on a subway.

"How long until we get to our stop?"