Ryan Anderson is very cross with Brook Lopez

You'd think Magic forward Ryan Anderson(notes) and Nets center Brook Lopez(notes) would be bros for life after this little trick or treating expedition ...

("Yeah, spray me in my eye, that's really fair!")

... but you'd be surprised how quickly things can go sour in the high-stakes world of NBA hoops and rainy nights at Disney World. Lopez and his Nets are in Orlando, and the guy didn't even bother to call Anderson.

From the Orlando Sentinel.

"I expected at least a phone call, right, when your buddy comes into town," Anderson said. "No phone call. I give him a text at 7:30 to see if he's even in town. I don't even know because I don't get a text message or anything. He says, ‘Guess where I am?' And I said, ‘You're at Disney World, aren't you?' And last night it was raining so of course I'm not going to go to Disney World."

It's a lot funnier if you read the "last night it was raining so of course I'm not going to go to Disney World" line as Napoleon Dynamite. Geez.

Anderson went on:

"Brook is just a horrible communicator," Anderson said. "A horrible friend. But you know, everybody has one of those friends, right?"

I'm pretty sure I'm that friend, so, yeah.

Also, if anyone wants to get traded so that I have something else to write about, please go ahead.