Potential Seattle SuperSonics owners release artist’s renderings of a potential new arena (VIDEO)

At this point, because of the rules of engagement that NBA commissioner David Stern has unofficially laid down, the fight for the current Sacramento Kings franchise has gone tit for tat. The Kings have established a season ticket wait list for their hopeful new arena, so the potential new owners from Seattle recently established a ticket list for their potential future Seattle SuperSonics. Sacramento has a new arena plan in the works, and now the possible Seattle owners have released pictures of their would-be arena, complete with pretty graphics, and an innovative quirk in the top concourse.

No seats. Just balconies and standing fans. Interesting. Take a look, via Yardbarker and SonicsArena.com:

From the group’s website:

Improved Viewing Angles: The creation of the Sonic Rings and resulting ability to significantly increase steepness of the lower bowl, results in MARKEDLY improved sight lines for all seating categories

Reduced stratification between seating levels:
Creating a more vibrant, festive, and social experience in the upper levels and giving typically premium seating amenities to all of our fans

Significant Flex Capacity:
In addition to seating for over 2,000 patrons, the design of the Sonic Rings allows for significant incremental standing room capacity so we can “flex up” for the big game or “flex down” for more intimate events

Increased Intimacy, Energy... and Noise: We believe that pushing the entirety of the seating bowl closer to the court and having 2,000-4,000 fans literally overhanging the game not only creates the most intimate venue in the NBA, but will also provide you with the opportunity to create the loudest, most energetic atmosphere in yet another pro sport—or better yet two!

More Cost Effective and Sustainable Building: This introduction of the Sonic Rings and resulting compression of the seating bowl significantly reduces the roof spans — which makes for a more cost-effective and sustainable building

The balcony idea is an odd one, but possibly an effective one. Sports fans have no problem standing at sports bars for hours on end, so one would presume that the architect’s plan would be to create one giant concession-selling section that doubles as a place for attendees to watch the game. And the first level luxury boxes? Again, interesting. Make one out to look like Café Nervosa, while you’re at it.

Of course, all of this is preliminary. We’re over a month away from the NBA’s Board of Governors voting on any sale or move, and the Kings (in whatever form, with whatever owner) would still be playing at the former Arco Arena in Sacramento next season (should they be sold to a local group) or in the tiny Key Arena in Seattle next year (should the Seattle group win out). Even if things to fall the Seattle group’s way, we’re a long way away from seeing a functional balcony seating setup at an NBA game.

And, we’re guessing, quite a few of those Sonics logos will be replaced with advertisements by then. This is an expensive business, sports fans.

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