Paul Pierce shares a private plane and fresh fruit with Al Pacino (Photo)

Paul Pierce and Al Pacino take to the skies. (Getty Images)


Paul Pierce and Al Pacino take to the skies. (Getty Images)

Just about any dorm, apartment, and eventually basement and (*shudders*) man cave of any professional athlete of the last 20 years has featured a ‘Scarface’ poster. It’s a little weird: Brian DePalma’s 1983 remake of the 1932 classic seemed a little too bloated and long-winded for its own sake upon release, but in the years following the Al Pacino-led vehicle has taken on an exalted status.

Being of a certain age, Paul Pierce more than likely had the same poster affixed to some wall at some point in his career, and while we don’t know why he was on the same private plane with the aforementioned Mr. Pacino recently, it was still kind of The Truth to post a picture of the two to his Instagram account over the weekend:

Pro Basketball Talk reports that Pacino performed a one man show in Las Vegas over the weekend (no word on whether or not he strayed from the one character he’s played repeatedly over the last 20 years THAT’S RIGHT THAT’S A PACINO BURN), or how Paul (who recently signed on with the Washington Wizards, and keeps houses in Los Angeles and Boston) ended up crossing paths with the actor.

Better than crossing paths with a scary, fat-shaming ghost, I reckon.

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